Buddy ID™ MiniChip ~ with Collar Tag!
The perfect choice for any pet!  All opf our dogs here at Have A Hart Standard Poodles are Microchip with this exact one.  If you would like your puppy to be microchipped, we take care of everything  before they leave. 

You will receive a Micro-Chip card with all the information you need to make sure if he/she is ever Lost or Stolen, you have the best chance to them back home.

Buddy ID™ MiniChip is recommended for all companion animals. Advanced technology and high quality components come together in one tiny microchip.

MiniChip – Mini Needle.

• 15 digit ISO Certified Microchip
• Sharp stainless steel needle – half the size of regular standard microchip needles.
• Strong BioGlass by Schott®.
• Sealed with a Parylene® coating to ensure stability and lifetime performance.
• Six peel and stick labels with the microchip number are included in each pouch.

Good to Know:  Add a Scanner and SAVE!  Order a Starter Kit

BUDDY ID™ MiniChip

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$18.75Sale Price